World of Wonder


Saturday evening was magical. 

It was a perfect summer evening up here on the hill. As dusk settled in,  I looked out the window to the field across from our house. 
When the field sparkles, I know summer has arrived. Fireflies!
I grabbed my camera and headed outside. Seated myself at the edge of the field and started shooting. Aren’t fireflies so magical? I felt like I was surrounded by a silent, twinkling light show. I could reach out and touch them as they darted past me, on their way through the dark field.
I quietly relaxed into the peaceful beauty of this summer evening. 

Suddenly, a crash in the silence! 
A deer came running, top speed, out of the woods, right in front of me.  (Scared me half to death!)  
She stopped in her tracks and froze, so close, for what seemed like a very long time. (Camera was up, and I tried a few photos, but it was too dark. And I was afraid to move. No luck.) 
But it was a moment I’ll never forget.  We looked at each other, both a bit shaken, both afraid to move. But both taken in by the wonder. 
Soon she casually sauntered on her way. And I eventually stopped shaking…

Full darkness fell, and I decided to head back up on the deck. (Deer are beautiful up close. Skunks, not so much.)
And as I looked across the field, I noticed deep shadows from the trees. It was exceptionally light. Oddly light. And I remembered it was a (nearly) super moon! 
I stayed out until 1am, enjoying the quiet light.  Watching the puffy clouds drift by, lit as if it were day. 
Admiring Our Beautiful World. 
Under the the moonlight. 
Taking photos. 
Marking the moment. 
And as this amazing summer evening lazily drifted along, I had a thought. 

I’ve decided. Life is way cooler from behind the lens of a camera. 

(Photo: Under the moonlight… The serious moonlight… 6/22/13)


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